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Just my thoughts...Giants' GM Dave Gettleman has beer goggle

Giants GM Dave Gettleman said he fell in love with Daniel Jones at the Senior Bowl. It sounds like a great example of sports GM’s version beer goggles! He must have taken a sip of something prior to leaving for the stadium to conclude that Daniel Jones has a higher upside than Dwayne Haskins! Giants fans collectively channeled their inner Coach Lombardi by yelling “what the hell is going out there?!” Haskins threw 50 touchdowns this year! More than Kyler Murray’s 42! He threw 14 touchdowns and 1 interception in his final 3 games that included a Big 10 Championship and a Rose Bowl win against a Washington Huskies defense with a few guys who are projected to play on Sundays. Dwayne pocket passer…check! Dwayne took care of the football…check! Dwayne completed pass on a levels…check! You're right Dwayne "the league done messed up.”

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