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Just my thoughts...Straight from the Trunk: Caldwell can’t live in these streets?

Okay…Jim Caldwell is not a quarterback whisper or an offensive whiz after what he has accomplished in the NFL? However, Kliff Kingbury fired by his Alma Mater, after being 19-35 in Big 12 conference games, is a prime candidate for the Arizona Cardinals.  Jim Caldwell led teams have finished 1st or 2nd in their division 5 out of 7 seasons as a head coach with one Super Bowl appearance.  He led the hapless Detroit Lions to 2 of their 3 playoff appearances in the last 30 years, but Lion’s GM Bob Quinn has the nerve to say the team is “tougher” since Matt Patricia took over.  Now you know why this Southeastern Michigan native has no love for the Lions!  Sean McVay played QB in high school and receiver in college!  Sean McVay’s experience as a high school QB at Marist School makes him a whiz kid versus Bryon Leftwich’s outstanding career as a college quarterback in the same conference and very solid 9-year career as a NFL quarterback means nothing to these decision makers.  I am not devaluing the job that Sean’s done with the Rams, because, as Stephen A was shouting from the mountaintop, Jeff Fisher needed to go! Cultural nepotism permeation throughout the sports' landscape from sports media to the front office is palpable today.  Even the most “woke” broadcast journalists often misdiagnosis the root problem.  These disparities are the result of social networks that create a social capital gap between white coaches and their minority counterparts. Social networks, which serve as the pathway to employment, are the spaces where people of color have little access.  The golf outings with family and the private social events where the brother-in-law process is cultivated.  These social networks build the capacity that results in the swag demonstrated by people like Sean McVay, Matt Nagy, and Kliff Kingsbury. Because of these social networks, many of these proclaimed hotshots begin with access to the c-suite while their minority peers start in the mailroom with a much longer journey and very little access to the c-suite, so stop "trumping" us by telling folks that they are not seeing what they are seeing! The fact that so many are trying to counter the fact that there are only 2 head coaches in the NFL are black and 1 Hispanic. It will require people in power to beware of whom is not in the room and then asked themselves one question...Why not? Just my thoughts...

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